Thanksgiving is that time where we go all out in the kitchen. The family’s coming, the music’s on and you’re in the kitchen all day (and maybe the night before too!). Not to mention the days of prep and meal planning! First, you have to pour through pages and pages of recipes and meal ideas. After you choose the several recipes you want to work from, then there’s the grocery list, the shopping and then you’re ready to get to the cooking.

That sounds like a lot of work though and that’s one of the reasons that Thanksgiving can be so stressful. But what if there was a way to bypass all of this stress and hours of planning? Just like you use your phone to organize and enhance your life with calendars and apps, now there is an app to upgrade your kitchen game!

Having a chef on your phone changes everything.

Using Chefter is like having the “secret sauce” in the kitchen. Call up a trained, professional chef on the app to guidance unique to what you want to do. Instead of pouring through pages of recipes before settling on several, simply describe to a chef the types of foods you want to eat and (s)he will guide you to your perfect thanksgiving menu, complete with grocery list! Yes, talk with a real, live chef.

Want to take your chef with you to the store to pick the best produce or cuts of meat? No problem, give them a call any time and show them exactly what you’re looking at. Create your own unique recipes with a chef and enjoy cooking in a different way. Cook with your chef on your phone to effortlessly create a Thanksgiving meal to remember, stress free.