Are you ready to put your range to work and your soul in the skillet? Then how about Bouillabaisse? This traditional French dish has made itself around the world and can make it to your stove top with some good ingredients and a little technique.

It’s amazing how peasant dishes have made their way to some of the top restaurant menus across the world. Bouillabaisse started on the docks of French Marseille by the local fisherman to utilize the bony rock fish they couldn’t sell at the markets. The name for Bouillabaisse comes from the translation of the word, to boil fish, which speaks to the preparation of the dish. There’s even evidence of the dishes’ roots going back to ancient Venetians and Greeks.

There are many different versions of Bouillabaisse and the dish found renewed fame when Julia Child brought French food to the world. When it comes to Bouillabaisse, what’s important is the freshness and quality of seafood. It’s made to be served very hot and to cook the seafood right before you serve it, which makes it perfect for cooking and entertaining at parties.

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Here’s a recipe for a spectacular Bouillabaisse from Chef Brian Mottola, Chef de Cuisine of Emeril’s NOLA Restaurant